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Lifestyle newborn sessions hold such a special place in my heart. As a mom myself, I know how quickly the early days of parenthood go. And when you’ve waited and wanted this little baby for months, you want to soak them all in. When I heard from Adrian and Brittany that they were expecting their little baby boy, we quickly booked and had their maternity photos. (Want to see that beautiful session? Click HERE!) I know they were excited to celebrate their little miracle. And I couldn’t wait to see them again. Now that they’re parents and I had the chance to meet Baby A, I can’t imagine being any happier for them! 

Frisco Lifestyle Newborn Session

To capture the arrival of Baby A, we planned a newborn session at home for this family of three. I LOVE lifestyle newborn sessions. Most importantly, it’s easy for new parents. You can get ready and stay home, where you have easy access to all the things you (or baby) needs throughout a session instead of getting ready, carting you, baby, and all your stuff to a studio where you’re praying that your cute outfit isn’t ruined by a blowout. Let’s be real! That’s no fun for anyone. Instead, you can relax in an environment you know and love, and just stay more relaxed about these special portraits. 

For Baby A, Adrian, and Brittany, we spent most of the time at the house in the master bedroom. It was a gorgeous, cozy space perfect for their portraits with their son. Adrian and Brittany were able to snuggle up and enjoy their little guy… even in the not so peaceful moments. Hey, I get it! Babies cry! And I’m okay with it! (I have 3 babies too, remember?)

I want to capture all parts of your journey as a new parent, including your new baby soothing skills and feeding time, if you’re comfortable with it. Since we were at home, Adrian and Brittany had an outfit change for Baby A – and it was awesome. It means they have even more beautiful images to choose from now!  

When I photograph lifestyle newborn sessions, my goal is to just document your new (beautiful, sleep-deprived) life. We spend time capturing everyone together and then focusing on each parent with the new baby. Baby A loved clinging onto his mama’s fingers – and I truly think he already has his parents wrapped around his extremely long NBA-All-Star-length pinky! And when he snuggled with Daddy, I think all of our hearts melted a little bit. That’s what these sessions are about. 

Congratulations again Adrian and Brittany! You are two of the best parents I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to see how your family continues to grow together. Enjoy that sweet little guy and give Baby A a kiss for me! 

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