You’re that couple who likes to laugh together and at each other. 
You’re the ones who will still go on dates after you’ve been together for 20 years.

And you need someone who can spotlight that love and frame it.

You’re the people who will chuckle wholeheartedly (or at least pretend) when someone – me! – tells a joke like, "Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees? ... Because they're so good at it!"

You might look like the picture-perfect Martha Stewart (pre-prison) / Better Homes and Gardens couple, but deep down you’re goofy, crazy bananas, and maybe a little nerdy.

And you want to remember the way you are right now for the rest of your lives.

You know that your relationship/partner might not be perfect, but they’re perfect for you. 

And you want the proof of all this preserved forever in photos.

be seen as you are.
imperfect humans who make the perfect couple.

dallas wedding PHOTOGRAPHER



That’s whereI come in...

Jami & Bryan

Abbie makes it painless and effortless.  She is able to capture the raw, natural beauty and love.  You feel like you are working with an old college roommate you've known forever... someone who always makes sure you look your best, your hair is perfect, and your good side is showing.

Meet your dolphin trainer... I mean, photographer! 

Short, spunky and full of carbs, that’s ya girl! 

I am a (in a non-hierarchical order): Wife, girl mom x3, twin mom, Christ-follower, Ravenclaw, Enneagram 1, ISTP-T (the turbulent virtuoso!), New Orleans Saints fan (who dat!?), chronic show and movie re-watcher, upright double bass, electric bass and piano playing machine, and so much more than one blurb on a Home Page can fit. 

Oh, and that dolphin trainer thing will make a lot more sense if you click...

Right Here!

What would be your biggest win
On your wedding day?

What if the best thing about your wedding is that it pales in comparison to the rest of your marriage?

Wait, what?!

I know, who says that to a couple that’s about to get married? I do (pun intended!). 

Yes, I want your wedding to be the best day. Followed by day after day, year after year of even better best days (yes, that’s grammatically fine!). 

Am I setting the bar too low or too high?

You're strange. I like it. Tell me more!

Tayler & Jordan

Her love and passion for photography is so apparent — I mean, how many women who are 8 months pregnant (with twins) would climb ladders or crawl through the rocks to get a meaningful photograph?! Abbie is patient, thorough and reliable and truly goes above and beyond her “call of duty.”

Let’s talk as ASAP as possible!

Abbie’s burning questions, existential conundrums and dad jokes:

How did they decide how much salt and pepper come in the pre-made packs? Who proposed that? Why was that the right amount?
I demand answers!!!