When you have 3 small kids (2 of them twins) and you’re pumped about going to hang out on the weekends with other families or beautiful people to capture their memories. 

Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning my kiddos – they’re still getting all the love and attention (and photos) they need. I just have such a strong passion for freeze-framing moments in time that will never come again. And preserving legacies. And creating blackmail for parents to use against their offspring (JK, sort of). 

Yes, I know these moments might just look like an average day in the life – a family playing in the park, a preggo mama in a gorgeous dress, or a senior at the cusp of coming of age. But to me and to you, we know these are the moments that mean everything. They tell the stories of our joys and struggles. They are family history. 

They’re proof that when our kids become surly teenagers there will always be that bright, limitless child inside of them. 
Kids grow up. Time is fleeting. Our aging memory ain’t what it used to be.

But photos (and family) are forever

Know how you know that you love what you do? 

You had me at blackmail!

We love her warmth, her silliness, and of course her amazing skill at capturing life-long memories for our family!


I like to mix lifestyle shots (AKA candids) with posey posing so Mom gets those honest, natural “family in the wild” pictures, as well as those hang-a-big-canvas-over-the-mantle family pictures. 

You know how special, silly, sweet and extraordinary your fam can be. I want to capture those moments that embody who you are – the ones that feel like your best everyday real life, but picture perfect! I make sure to coach you on how to walk, pose, and just forget that there’s a camera so that your family looks like you belong in an Anthropologie catalog.

But the fun doesn’t stop at families. I love maternity and newborn sessions, and senior sessions. And maybe your puppy needs some headshots to get her started in the dog modeling game – I’m so in! (Former animal trainer, remember?)

So, here’s what your family photos or portrait session might look like. 


Take a peek at some of my recent families.


Engagements, celebrating your first child, your baby graduating high school, or your first empty-nest puppy … These moments come and go so fast. I want to help you preserve these memories forever!


Sign me and my fam up!

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These themed sessions are a perfect way to capture fun family memories! They're short and sweet (especially for those family members with no attention spans!), and so easy for the whole family!

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