Let's just start with the coolest thing about me because it's all downhill from here and I heard that people don't usually read past the first few sentences … Ready? 

I was a dolphin and sea lion trainer at SeaWorld. I know, I know ... I'm like, the awesomest gal you know now!

20 years of work to get to the pinnacle of my profession, then 3 weeks after I got the position as FRICKIN’ DOLPHIN TRAINER I found out I was pregnant (cue God’s laugh track). Needless to say, that didn’t work out like I’d planned. But you know what they say: “God never closes a door without knocking out a wall for a remodel…” 

So now I’m thirty-mumble-mumble with 3 kids (3 kids? Seriously? Didn’t sign up for the 2-in-1 BOGO special - thanks for laughing at my plans, God. Still love ya, but c’mon!) But it all works the way it’s supposed to, because I've discovered an even greater calling:
the camera, and capturing love, and YOU!

Abbie plans, God laughs. Then Abbie laughs (because what else am I going to do?)

Abbie is the best photographer I've ever experienced. She is professional, fun, talented...
The works! 

I LOVE dolphins, and Abbie, you seem pretty cool too...

Let’s talk marine mammals and mawwiage!


I know I may look like a super young and hip, cool cat (mainly because of my use of words like "hip," "cool cat," and "deets," which I have been assured that the kids ARE still saying these days!), but I'm oooooollldddd at heart!

Give me a book, and I'll sit on the couch with a blanket and coffee (with a prune juice chaser) and read it until it's done, even if it's a 766 page Harry Potter book (okay, ESPECIALLY if it's a 766 Harry Potter page book)!

I feel proud of the work I’ve done, what I’ve achieved by myself, and of the strong, positive example I’m setting for my daughters. 

I'm a total word nerd! Why use a 1 or 2 syllable word when a 4 or 10 syllable word will complicate things and work just as well? 

As much as I love reading, I also love rewatching shows and movies (much to my hubs' dismay! Any "How I Met Your Mother," "The West Wing," "Chuck," "Scrubs," and/or "Scandal" fans?

I was a gymnast and cheerleader (all those exclamation points make more sense now, don't they? Yes! They do! Yes, yes, they do!!!), but I can't balance on 1 foot for longer than 1.37 seconds! 

Sometimes I still feel like the “gifted kid”, band geek, book nerd, Academic Decathlon champ that always had a hard time fitting in. Maybe you can relate?

What’s a constructive word for stubborn? Whatever that is, it’s me.

The need-to-knows

Let’s trade obscure personal facts!


I got the words "jacuzzi" and "yakuza" confused
. . .
and now I'm in hot water with the Japanese mafia!
(A day may come when dad jokes fail… But it is not THIS day!)



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