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So many times, my favorite engagement sessions are with people who have never had professional pictures taken before! They’re usually nervous, they feel a little (or a lot) awkward, and they’re worried about how they look. Dude, join the club! That’s my everyday life!

That’s why I like to start off all my sessions with a little speech! “I’m going to talk you through all these poses so we can find out which ones look good on you, which ones look AMAZING, and which ones may not be the most flattering for you on your wedding day (usually the sitting ones, because no one wants to wrinkle the fabulous dress)! Some of these poses and prompts may feel weird – that usually means they look GREAT! That’s our motto for the session: ‘Feels weird, looks great!” “

To be fair, this is how a lot of my clients look at me AT LEAST ONCE during their session, usually more!

The crowd favorite “feels weird” is usually the prompt “Put your nose against her temple and giggle at it.” Sounds weird, feels strange (because how often do you sit there and laugh at the side of someone’s head from 0.5 inches away? Hardly ever, right? BUT. But but but.

(Okay, that’s probably enough GIFs for now! I have a problem, but I’m not seeking help!) BUT – when you see the pictures, Dang it Jim, it just makes sense!

No, you don’t ever sit there with your nose squished up against the side of someone’s head and laugh at how awkward it feels while a somewhat-random citizen says “Now do this! And this! OH MY GEEZ this looks SO GOOD!!!” What you will do, however, is grab your person tight, snuggle in, and laugh really hard for a couple of seconds because of how much you love them!

engaged couple blue dress campion trail irving texas

And that brief moment in time, where your relationship is peachy keen, and the birds are singing, and sun is shining and making you all warm and fuzzy inside, making you feel like a natural woman (Yes, even you, men!) – that brief shiny moment is what I’m capturing! My job as a photographer is to catch moments that look like how the best moments of your relationship fee! So that even when you just got done bickering over the proper way to load plates in the dishwasher (not that I’ve EVER had that fight with my husband! 🙄), you can look at this picture, and it looks like how you feel the other 99% of the time!

That’s my goal! That’s what I want to do as your engagement, wedding, and family photographer! Get pictures that look like how you feel, and are the best representation of YOU!

couple at Margaret hunt hill bridge dallas texas skyline navy dress black suit

At the start of their session, Mariana and Joshua were just like you: a little nervous, not sure what to expect, and a little (okay, a LOT) awkward (they said it, not me!)- because that’s just who they are! We got along great, because I’m a lot awkward too! (Hence why I include free dad jokes in all my wedding packages!)

At the end though, after we took pictures around their favorite quarantine spot in Las Colinas and at Trinity Groves in downtown Dallas, they were both so excited about how much fun they’d had! I was awkward right along with them, and worked it into their posing, so they really felt like themselves (not the Calvin Klein models they looked like)! I loved getting to work with them to showcase their special love story and make their session unique to them

engaged couple blue dress walking by lake at campion trail las colinas texas
FRIENDS (Rachel's Crush) The Most Beautiful Name: JOSHUA GIF | Gfycat

Mariana and Joshua…

(okay, I lied, 1 more gif, but this one was from an inside joke with y’all, so it’s okay!)

Sorry, trying again: Mariana and Joshua, I had oodles of fun with you guys! Exploring new places, practicing Blue Steel, capturing a couple of special pictures just for the two of you that should be in your inbox soon…seriously one of my favorite engagement sessions to date! Thank you for being just as cool as me (that may be kind of insulting to you, sorry!)!

navy dress black suit margaret hunt hill bridge blue steel

Your wedding day is going to be a complete blast! You’re going to have fun, I’m going to have fun, we’re going to do the sprinkler at your reception so your guests will have fun laughing at us having fun…it’ll be a good day! I already can’t wait! Y’all enjoy being your fabulous awesome selves, and I’ll see you soon!

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Navy Dress: Lulus

Ring: James Allen