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Congratulations to Sarah and Jacob! This sweet couple and their Shreveport engagement session means the world to me because I’ve known Sarah pretty much her entire life. I met Sarah when she was just two weeks old and we grew up together. She and my sister were best friends, but we all spent time together through church and we’ve got a pretty special relationship, too. When she reached out to tell me that she and Jacob were engaged and that she wanted me to photograph her wedding this winter, I was just so honored! And frankly, it’s just really cool to be a part of this. 

Their Love Story

Sarah and Jacob met this summer because of a blind date setup. Obviously, it worked out pretty well. They talked for hours on their first date and knew right away they were the perfect fit. It’s super sweet to see that Sarah has found someone like Jacob. Honestly, I think they’ve been meant to be for a long time. Years ago, Sarah went on a mission trip with the church youth group where they stayed at a family’s house. It turns out that family was Jacob’s but he wasn’t there. They had missed each other by mere weeks 10 years ago. Then she moved back to Shreveport, and well, we’re back where we started. How crazy is that, though!? 

Shreveport Engagement Session 

Since their love story and relationship has centered around Shreveport, we knew there was no better place for their engagement session. Shreveport is so much fun. We chose two locations within the city so we had a great variety in their final gallery. To start, Sarah, Jacob, and I explored some of the wooded areas. It gave us some gorgeous peaceful images to stat. We finished their session in downtown Shreveport which allowed us to capture those more urban images! It was perfect. There’s so much that allows me to really exercise my creativity there – finding visual interest and creating gorgeous images. And so were Sarah and Jacob. They’re still every much in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, so they made my job super easy. I loved watching them just laugh and smile together, having a great time. They’re adorable, seriously. 

Congratulations again, Sarah and Jacob! I can’t wait for your wedding later this month. I know it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous and we’re going to have so much fun!! I’ll see you so soon!


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