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For those of you who are parents, what do you remember most about the newborn days? For lots of us, if we can remember anything at all thanks to the sleep deprivation, it’s the crying…the feelings of helplessness that you don’t know what this brand new creature wants…the sleepless nights…the trying to just survive and keep the baby alive too!

For this sweet family, what is standing out most is the complete trust their new infant places in her mommy and daddy! The faith that she’ll be provided for…the sense of security she gets when her daddy cradles her head gently in his hands…the peace she instantly feels when her mommy hums softly to her while cuddling her close…the calm the falls over her when she barely makes a peep and she’s cradled in her parents’ loving arms.

Sweet baby Veronica Leigh is a most welcome addition to this new family of four (five, if you count their faithful dog, Sherlock)! She’s calm, she’s quiet, she sleeps and eats like a champ – she’s everything that parents could want in an infant, and she’s healthy and beautiful to boot! Her new big sister Charlie is stepping into her role of role model and helper wonderfully, and she loves her new sister to the moon and back already!

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this fun, loving (and fun-loving!) family several times over the past few years (see their Mommy and Me session from last year HERE), but I think this lifestyle newborn session may be my new favorite! One of my favorite pictures is of Veronica being lulled to sleep in her daddy’s arms, him cradling her tiny body in his strong dad hands, smiling at her with so much love in his heart that it’s about to explode! Don’t worry, you’ll see it below in just a second!

Aaron, Kayla, Charlie, and Veronica – thank you so much for welcoming me into your home with open arms at this exciting time in your lives! I loved getting to meet beautiful Veronica so soon after she was born, and getting to cuddle her close! It’s a good thing I’m already pregnant, because she caused some serious baby fever! I’m delighted to continue capturing your family as it grows and changes, and to see which of her adorable parents this precious little girl starts looking like!

Aaron & Kayla, you’re already fantastic parents to one future world-changer, and now you’re going to be fantastic parents to two! I love you guys!