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One of my favorite parts about being a family photographer is getting to see the same families multiple times! We get to catch up on each others’ lives, laugh at the same old jokes, and see how everyone has grown and changed! Sometimes, these families become friends, so we get to hang out outside of work! That’s my personal favorite!

I was blessed to work with Brittany and Bryan for the first time last summer for a couple’s session near their anniversary. We talked and laughed though most of their session, and we had so much fun exploring a new location that I’ve gotten to use several times since, thanks to that session! Brittany and I had a couple of play dates with our daughters, since our blond-haired, blue-eyed beauties are only a few months apart, and we ALL had a blast!

I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was when Brittany reached out to me this past fall for a family session AND a pregnancy reveal!! Oh my gosh, I squealed so loud when she texted me! I’m pretty sure my dog went partially deaf! We got to run around one of my favorite shooting locations, capturing adorable pictures of the whole family and of Brittany and Bryan with each other and their beautiful daughter. (Blog post coming soon!)

Brittany and I were creating big plans to have a fabulous maternity session in the bluebonnets (we live in Texas, after all!), and then quarantine happened. All of our big dreams and plans went into the very sad trash can in my office. They took the chance to get some adorable pictures of their daughter dancing in the bluebonnets, but since my business was shut down, no such luck for Brittany’s maternity pictures.

But then! Quarantine got relaxed! She was the first client I reached out to, and we rushed to find the perfect alternative to bluebonnets – wildflowers! The city of Richardson has had a tradition of planting poppies, cornflowers, and rocket larkspur since 1990, and ohmygosh, they’re absolutely gorgeous when they’re in full bloom, like they were for Brittany’s maternity session! She looked like the Goddess of Spring!

Brittany and Bryan, I’m so excited for you and your expanding family! You’re already fantastic parents to little C, and you’re going to be just as fantastic with baby A! I can’t wait to take see y’all again, hang out, and take more pictures of you and your beautiful ladies! C is going to be such an awesome big sister and role model – you two will have a couple of smart cookies on your hands! Get ready! Here’s to the next chapter of love and laughter in your story!