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One of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting to hang out with amazing couples and learning more about their lives! I had the pleasure of meeting Tressa and Kyle a few weeks ago, and we had so much fun together at their session! We laughed, we talked, some of us (me) tripped on flat ground but stuck the landing, and it was a blast! A HUGE plus, the fall colors in Plano were in full bloom, and they’re GORGEOUS!

However, as super sweet and awesome as Tressa and Kyle were, they weren’t the best thing about the session…sorry, y’all!

My favorite part of their photography session was their 4 adorable dogs!! (That’s right, I said FOUR! I’m sooo jealous!) It’s always so much fun when clients include their fur children in their session, especially when they have this many!

Meet Sydney, Truffles, Xini, and Zoe! 4 cutie pie Shih Tzus after my big-dogs-only-heart! Their ages range from 4-14, and between them, they have 4 huge smiles, 15 speedy quick feet, and 4 happy tails! People are great, but I have such a soft spot for animals, thanks to my years as a dolphin and sea lion trainer, and as a vet tech! (Read more about that here!)

This session was especially meaningful for Tressa and Kyle because of their annual photography session last fall. (It was with another photographer – hurtful, guys! – but I’ll allow it!) 24 hours after their session, their sweet Sydney fell deathly ill. She was in the emergency pet hospital for days, had multiple visits to specialists, and finally recuperated to being the happy pup she was before, after many weeks of stress and fear!

Sydney is their first baby, their best dog, their engagement gift to each other 13 years ago! She’s their “we could never pick a favorite, we love all of our dogs equally, but if we did…” favorite! Those of you with multiple pets (or multiple children!) know how that is!

Tressa, Kyle, Sydney, Zini, Zoe, and Truffles, y’all were so much fun to work with!! I loved all the kisses (from the dogs), all the hugs (from the people), and all the giggles (from everyone!)! Thank you so much for letting me hang out with you, for adding to my dog hair collection on my clothes, and for being the absolute sweetest! Thanks for the memories, and the gorgeous pictures!