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You know how you always hear those stories about strangers finding each other on dating apps, and they live happily ever after, buuuuttttt you don’t actually know anyone like that? Now you do! Meet Jennie and Daniel, two lovebirds who met on Coffee Meets Bagel, and now they’re getting married!

He’s in medical school studying to be a doctor, she’s a teacher, and together, they’re going to change the world! Their digital eyes met a little over a year ago, and they both knew right away they had something special! In fact, they were so sure they were meant to be, they started planning their wedding before Daniel even proposed! How sweet is that?

For their engagement session, we went exploring in Dallas, Texas! We started at Prather Park in Highland Park, which is absolutely beautiful! There are fabulous bridges, tree-lined paths, and amazing lighting, as you can see! Jennie and Daniel were naturals in front of the camera – you’d never know they’d never had an engagement session before! The hardest part was keeping Jennie from throwing up deuces every time she got really happy, which happened a lot!

From there, we went to downtown Dallas to walk around Klyde Warren Park. On the way, Jennie insisted we stop at Shake Shack for some fries and a vanilla milkshake! (Their fries are okay, but nothing compared to hot and fresh McDonald’s fries! Trust us, Daniel and I discussed it at length!) They had so much fun hanging out and eating fries like they normally do, dipping them in the milkshake, ketchup, and mustard, but never all 3 at once!

Jennie and Daniel, your session was beautiful, different, and uniquely yours! I’m so excited to see the pictures from your wedding, because it’s going to be amazing! I can’t wait to keep building a relationship with you two fabulous people, and celebrate your love!


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