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Love isn’t cancelled.

It’s a phrase that’s been circulating and increasing in popularity since COVID-19 started shutting down the United States. Weddings have gotten postponed for weeks, months, years…even cancelled outright.

Lives have been changed and commuted, dreams have been adjusted and abandoned, plans have been shifted and switched, marriages have been delayed and deferred.

But love.

Love hasn’t been cancelled!

Jennie and Daniel originally dreamed about getting married in a big, beautiful church wedding, followed by a fabulous reception overlooking a lake, as the perfect way to embark on their future together. They were going to invite all of their friends and family and have a large celebration, surrounded by love and laughter! Then COVID-19 happened.

Their lives, dreams, and plans – all changed. Adjusted. Shifted.

But their love and marriage couldn’t be postponed!

After much deliberation, consternation, and prayer, they decided to go ahead with their wedding, albeit with a significantly adjusted game plan! Instead of 150-200 guests, they had 14. Several loved ones were able to attend on Zoom (they all became buddies in the chat box while waiting for the ceremony to start!), and they had the best seats in the house! Instead of their incredible reception, they had a quiet dinner with their parents, with plans to have a grand party next year.

One thing that didn’t change: their wedding date. A second thing: their excitement and readiness to start off on their next great adventure – marriage!

Jennie & Daniel, I’ve loved getting to spend time with y’all over the last few months, becoming friends with you, spending time with you, giggling with you, and commiserating with you over life’s challenges and hassles! The pictures from your (first) wedding day are absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to capture your (second) wedding day next year!

The next year of your lives is going to be nothing like what you’ve imagined, but somehow, it’ll be even better! You’ll have stress, you’ll have tension, and – I hate to break it to you, but – you’ll have fights. But you’ll also have love, you’ll have devotion, you’ll have laughter, and you’ll have passion! It’s going to be challenging, but it’s going to be amazing!! By the time you get (re)married next year, you’ll have grown as individuals and as a couple, and you’ll be even closer and stronger! I’m so excited to see it and see you again!! Enjoy the first year of the rest of your lives, and I’ll see you soon!

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Remember their beautiful engagement session at Prather Park and downtown Dallas in Klyde Warren Park? Check it out here:

P.S: These fabulous pictures wouldn’t have been possible without the marvelous Danielle Heron of Danni Lea Photography! She is one of my amazing associate photographers who stepped up when I wasn’t able to shoot the wedding, thanks to restrictions from my doctor (twin pregnancy ain’t no joke, folks!)! She did an incredible job, and I love how easy she made it for me to bless Jennie & Daniel at the start of their marriage!