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engaged couple at dallas arboretum at crepe myrtle allee

Every once in a while, I am completely surprised by my amazing couples! Normally, when I have a wedding inquiry, I suggest meeting at a coffee shop so that we can hang out and talk for a while, and I can learn more about what they want for their special day! (Any excuse for a salted caramel mocha or pumpkin spice latte!) When I first got to talk to Alison and Marc, I spontaneously suggested meeting for ice cream instead, and they jumped for that!

Okay! Sure! Yeah! I was 5 months pregnant at the time, so YES PLEASE on the ice cream!

Talking with them at their consult, it turns out that they’re the coolest geeks you’ll ever want to hang out with! Marc served our country in the Army for 8 years, they were both RTVF (Radio, Television, & Film) Majors at University of North Texas (Go Mean Green!), they love going to sci fi conventions, and they LOVE board games!! Like, LOVE THEM! They have a collection at home, they like playing them with their family and friends, and they’re integrating them into their wedding!

engaged couple at dallas arboretum with denim dress

We get to their engagement session at the beautiful Dallas Arboretum, and I’m super excited to spend more time with people who are dorky as I am, especially after a 2 month at-home quarantine! Plus, I’m pretty pumped for them to be awkward in front of the camera, like I am, because that means I get to coach them through feeling gawky and weird, turn them into feeling super comfortable and relaxed, and help show off the love they share though their pictures!

Nope. Wrong.

Turns out, Alison and Marc are COMPLETE naturals in front of the camera! Like, adorable, precious, nailed-every-single-pose-the-first-time naturals! I brought out the lift pose in Crepe Myrtle Allee, thinking it would throw them for a loop. (Most couples need a couple of tries to get it perfect! I myself am not allowed to do the lift pose anymore because of how I kicked my husband the last time we tried it!)

engaged couple at Dallas Arboretum at Lay Family Garden

Nope. Incorrect.

Perfect! Impeccable! I regretted not having my camera on during the practice one, because of how elegantly they pulled it off! Okay, fine, you two sneaky sneakertons. I pulled the giggle kiss out to try, because again, most couples need to practice a little to get it picture perfect! (Oh darn, another excuse to kiss the fiance!) Hoping against hope that they would need some help getting it right, and I could actually do something to help them hone their posing.

Nope. False.

Both Alison and Marc giggled (he was a little more manly, to be fair), kissed, giggled some more, had a blast, looked amazing, made me feel useless, and went about their merry perfect ways! C’mon guys, be a little less adorable, please!

engaged couple at Dallas Arboretum at Lay Family Garden

Alison and Marc, in case you can’t tell, I had so so much fun with y’all at your engagement session!! You were so awesome to hang out with again, I loved getting to talk and laugh with you (even in the 95* heat and 110% humidity), and I LOVE your pictures!! Your wedding is way too far away for my tastes – let’s move it up, so we can hang out some more! I’m so excited for your reception especially!

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