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One of the most unique parts of any couple’s love story is their first date. For some, it was supposed to be a traditional dinner and movie, interrupted by a flat tire or allergic reaction (a la “Hitch”). For others, it was a play date with their dogs or kids, or had a group outing with friends.

For Tayler, Jordan had a truly special first date planned – a visit to the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth! It takes a gutsy man to try and impress a woman as special as Tayler with the World’s Largest Haunted Attraction in a former meat-packing plant, but go big or go home! I personally would have had a Code Brown situation within the first 5 minutes, but Tayler stuck it out, and now they’re getting married!

(There have been a lot of studies linking adrenaline and anxiety with attraction, so sounds like Jordan may have had a sneaky plan up his sleeve!)

Their engagement story is just as unique too! Tayler went home to the Arctic Northeast to visit her family for Christmas, and Jordan flew up there to surprise her Christmas morning! Her family stuck him outside on the porch in the snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures, while trying to convince her to dress cute and put on makeup for Christmas morning – no easy task when you just want some coffee and presents! Eventually, she came downstairs and saw him reliving “The Day After Tomorrow” outside, he proposed, she said yes, and his toes mostly recovered from their frostbite! I think he only lost 3 or 4 – totally worth it!

We shot their engagement session at Stone Creek Park in Flower Mound, Texas, and at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas! Trees, grassy plains, dreamy natural light filtering through the fabulous trees, and a trek to a castle on a hill! It’s hard to get better than that!

Tayler and Jordan, I absolutely loved getting to finally meet y’all in person, and spending so much time hanging out with you! I had so much fun giggling with you and exploring the back half of Arbor Hills! Thank you for not laughing at the ice packs down my shirt or my super awesome cooling towels – they kept me alive, just like your underarm fans! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding in a few months – it’s going to be magical!!

Makeup: Krista Dusenberry

Ring: Diamonds Direct


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