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When some people meet for the first time, they have that magical, heart-thumping, butterflies in the stomach, pupils change to heart eyes moment! You know, the complete Pepe le Pew moment! When I met my husband, the first thing I noticed is how easy it was to tease him, because it was just so easy (and he blushed! 😂 🥰

However, when Shelby first met Andrew, her first thought was: “Who’s that tall stupid firefighter who just stepped on my glasses and broke them??? He didn’t even say sorry????” Needless to say, it wasn’t love at first sight! 😂 Don’t worry, folks, he eventually grew on her! I don’t think she was very fond of him when he was goofing off with his friends and broke his ankle, but other than that, since they started dating, they’ve been inseparable!

We’ve been trying to do their engagement session since March, but thanks to COVID-19, it got pushed back 2 different times. Talk about heartbreaking! But we FINALLY got to have their engagement session at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas, and it was MAGICAL!!

We started at the Filter Building, stopped at Winfrey Point where the light was SO DREAMY, and ended on a beautiful pier, where we got to relax after the sun set! I normally go to 2 locations with my couples for engagements sessions, but there was so much variety around White Rock Lake, we only needed the 1!

I love when my couples have a lot of variety in their outfits too (not just the locations), and boy, did Shelby and Andrew deliver! Didn’t they look fantastic??

I always recommend 2 outfits – a more casual look, and a more dressy look. A lot of my ladies start with short skirts to show off their gams (and yes, I just said “gams,” even though I’m not a gangster from the ’20s), and then transition to a long dress, so we can showcase their beauty and the dreamy light! Most of my gents start with casual slacks and a dressy-ish shirt (when your girl looks this great, you can’t be TOO casual!), and in a perfect world, change into a suit! (I call this the “James Bond” look – everyone looks good in a suit!)

Shelby and Andrew, I’m so so glad that we got to do your engagement shoot FINALLY!! It may not have been how we originally planned it, but I think it turned out better than we dreamed! Y’all were such troopers with the heat and humidity, and with this 7 months pregnant lady slowing you down! You two were crazy sweet, and I loved getting to giggle with you as we melted! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding this fall – it’s going to be even more magical than this perfect session!

Hair & Makeup: Braided Bride

Lashes: Wildflower Lash + Beauty Parlor