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bride in lace dress and cathedral length veil in field in texas

Y’all. You guys. Folks. Peeps. Home slices. Ghostriders.

I know I say this all the time (pretty much every single blog post, and ALLLLL the time on IG and FB), but I have the BESTEST and BEAUTIFULEST clients EVER!!!

Oh my gosh, Tayler and I about DIED when we were taking these gorgeous pictures at her bridal session at Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center in Denton, Texas a couple of months before her wedding! I giggled like a toddler playing hide and seek by covering up my eyes every other time I looked at the back of my camera, I was so so excited about the pictures!

Every time I showed HER the back of my camera, she used some not-very-ladylike words that were well-earned, because oh em geez, she looked FIERCE!

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Side note: I am SO glad that my good friend Haley of Haley Lynne Photography (check her out, because she’s totes amazing and cray cray adorbs!) shared this location with me! It’s similar to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano in the setting and views (fabulous golden hour glow, as you’re about to see; rolling hills; amber waves of grain; perfect trees for filtering the light…it’s all just wonderful!), but because it’s not as popular, it’s a lot quieter!

bride in lace dress and cathedral length veil in field in dallas texas

Not sure you believe me? Check out THIS bridal session at Arbor Hills, and THIS engagement session at Clear Creek!

(Why is it a good thing that it’s quieter, you ask? 1. All the best spots are always available, so we’re not worried about missing the perfect golden hour backlighting! 2. Fewer people in the background – a plus for you and me! 3. More wildlife! My last engagement session here, we saw a tarantula just casually strolling along – so cool! This time, there were deer that were bounding by Tayler as she was walking, like she was Snow White! 🤩)

Tayler, I was super pumped that you wanted to do a bridal session with me when you booked, because I was thinking, “She seems pretty cool; it’ll be nice to spend more time with her!” Then we had your engagement session (HERE!), and oh my gosh, you were SO cool, and I got even MORE excited to hang out with you again! Like, MEGA totes excited, if that’s even possible!

bride under cathedral veil with white rose bouquet

Thank you so much for making all my perfect bridal session dreams come true, for being such a sweetie pie (and having the salty sailor talk when my pictures warrant it), and for looking SO amazing in your dress and veil (your VEIL!! 😍)! I can’t wait until you and Jordan get married, so I can see you again!

Jordan, I’m sure you know this by now, but you’ve got one special lady! Treat her like the queen that she is, or you will find out just how many of my Sicilian roots I’ve embraced! (Hint: I won’t make you any lasagnas or garlic breads, if you catch my drift!) (Also, that would be your loss, because I make AMAZING lasagna. Just sayin’.)

See you soon!!! ❤️

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  1. Hannah says:


    • Abigail Beck says:

      Isn’t she so gorgeous?? Every time I see these pictures, I squeal with delight all over again!

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