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engaged couple at clear creek natural heritage center in denton texas engagement session

Who here has been unaffected by COVID-19? ✋ (What’s the opposite of a hand-raising emoji?) At this point, I’d bet that the only people COVID hasn’t hit are the scientists in Antarctica, and mayyyyybe some outlying villages in Siberia. It’s been a rough year, y’all. No news to any of you!

But what about the people who have extra affected?

Whose plans and dreams for the biggest days of their lives have been altered and skewed beyond recognition?

engaged couple at clear creek natural heritage center in denton texas sitting on trail in grassy field engagement session

When Deandra and Ryan got engaged in early March, I can guarantee they had no idea how bad COVID-19 was going to get, how much it was going to affect their daily lives. Especially Deandra, a middle school teacher!

They originally planned a big wedding for July 2021, and started counting the days right away! However, when it became apparent just HOW MUCH was changing, and when it felt like every day brought a whole new level to the 2020 video game (murder hornets, anyone?), they decided to do what so many couples had to do this year and changed their wedding date (and engagement session)….to July 2020.

Wait, what?

ERRRRRRuhhhhhrrrrUHHRRRRRRRUUUURRRT! (That’s the generally accepted onomatopoeic spelling for a record scratch, if you’re wondering! 😂)

engaged couple at clear creek natural heritage center in denton texas grassy field and trail engagement session

You read that right! These two crazy kids were so in love with each other and the idea of being married that they decided to move their wedding UP by a whole year, into the year that never ends! To quote one of the greatest TV speeches of all time, “They ran INTO the fire!” (Thank you, Aaron Sorkin and Jed Bartlett!)

They gave up their dream wedding, what they’d been planning for years, so they could be together! What have you done lately that’s that gutsy?

engaged couple at clear creek natural heritage center in denton texas rose petal toss engagement session

Deandra and Ryan, I had such an amazing time with y’all at your (last minute) engagement session 2 weeks before your beautiful micro-wedding! Even though I got eaten alive by mosquitoes (1. I literally had 52 mosquito bites JUST on my legs. I counted. 2. If you can choose, don’t have sugary sweet blood like me! 3. If you go to Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center in Denton, MAKE SURE you pack bug spray!!), you guys. It was SO worth it!!

We laughed, we tripped, we swatted and scratched, we worried about me going into labor (traipsing around Texas in July while 34 weeks pregnant with twins — ain’t no joke, my peeps!) (Do the kids still say “my peeps”? I may be behind the times!), and we laughed some more!

engaged couple at clear creek natural heritage center in denton texas rose petal kiss engagement session giggle kiss

Your pictures turned out fabulously, just like you! You two are honestly some of the sweetest and most internally and externally beautiful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with! Let’s be honest, y’all are cray cray adorbs! 😍 I can’t wait to see how your marriage is blessed in the future! I’m already counting the days until the next time I get to have you in front of my camera!

abbie road photography dfw engagement photographer dallas wedding photographer

Ring: Robbins Brothers

Hair & Makeup: All Dolled Up Makeup and Hair Studio


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